Jazz Art Partner in the Jazz Network-France/Balkans Project

We are pleased to announce that our organization is a partner in the new project “Jazz Network – France/Balkans”, which started in late 2021. The actors in the project are the French cities of Dijon and Ravoire and several cities of the Balkans: Bitola, Fier, Nis, and Podgorica. Assistants to the local governments are reputable jazz organizations from the following countries: Media-Music, La Dynamo, Occijazz, Couleurs Jazz (France), Syri Blue (Albania), Nishville Foundation (Serbia), Bitola Jazz Fest (Northern Macedonia), and Jazz Art (Montenegro).

The goal of the project is to build bridges between France and the Balkan countries of Albania, Montenegro, Northern Macedonia and Serbia through jazz music. Balkan jazz musicians want to expand contacts with their French counterparts to build a sustainable network that would allow for artist exchanges, youth involvement and joint activities. The project will contribute to strengthening cultural connections and cooperation between cities and jazz organizations in improving festivals and music seasons in these countries. The first meeting of project partners will be held in Dijon and Ravoire from February 24 to 26, 2022. We are looking forward to successful cooperation and expansion and strengthening of cultural and jazz links between the Balkan region and France.

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